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Additive-X is an innovative system that penetrates hair exposed to formulas such as dye or discoloration. Adding it to the formula of the chemicals, it prevents the mistreatment of the hair fiber, providing elasticity and strength to the hair, ensuring to maintain the capillary structure intact.

Additive-X UNO is added to the chemical formula allowing reconnecting the bridges or links that provide the resistance to the keratin alpha that forms the hair.

Additive-X UNO

  • All Avyna formulas, rich in nutrients and enriched with antioxidants, are made with authentic ingredients of the highest quality. In the same way, we put all our effort and have a commitment to our supply channel and only sell our products through the professionals of the salons. We want you to trust our products, and therefore, we fight tirelessly to reduce the deviation of products. With your help, the fight against the deviation of products will maintain the quality of Avyna in which the experts trust. It is a guarantee that you will get the real Avyna experience, only through your stylist. Report Deviated Product.

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